How To Expunge Your Criminal Record

Everyone makes mistakes, but some are forced to pay for those mistakes for the remainder of their lifetime. If you have been convicted of a crime it can become very difficult to find a good job or start a relationship. A person’s criminal history is more accessible now than ever, leaving those with criminal records with very few options.

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How to Obtain an Expungement

The first step toward clearing your record is speaking with one of our experienced legal professionals. We offer free professional case evaluations to all first-time callers. Once contacted, a LEGAL SOLUTIONS 2 U attorney will immediately begin to evaluate your case circumstance and inform you of your options. Every case is different and we will not be able to give you proper guidance until we are fully aware of your circumstance.

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Crimes that are Ineligible for Expungement

In addition to being sent to state prison, there are certain California criminal offenses that cannot be expunged. The following are examples of crimes that are not eligible for expungement in California.

Penal Code Section 261.5 Statutory Rape Law
Penal Code Section 288 Lewd Acts with a Minor Child

Commonly Expunged Crimes

Possession Charges
Receiving stolen property

Benefits Of Clearing Your Record

Clearing your record will help you look more desirable to potential employers.

Obtaining a State License
To obtain a contractors or real estate license, you may have to have your criminal record expunged.

Avoid Immigration Consequences
In some cases, clearing your record may help you to avoid mandatory removal and loss of immigration benefits.

Types of Expungement

Many people are not aware that there are three types of expungement. The first type of expungement is provided in Penal Code §1203.4. This type of expungement includes cases in which probation was ordered as part of the sentence.

The second type of expungement is available under Penal Code §1203.4(a). Expungement under this section should include cases in which probation was NOT ordered as part of the sentence.

Finally, the third type of expungement is listed under Penal Code §17. This type of expungement should reduce a felony conviction to a misdemeanor, after which, the misdemeanor could be dismissed

California’s expungement law permits someone convicted of a crime to file a Petition for Dismissal with the court to re-open the case, set aside the plea, and dismiss the case. In order for one to qualify for expungement, the petitioner must have completed probation, paid all fines and restitution, and not currently be charged with a crime. If the requirements are met for eligibility, a court may grant the petition if it finds that it would be in the interest of justice to do so. A successful expungement will not erase the criminal record, but rather the finding of guilt will be changed to a dismissal. The petitioner then can honestly and legally answer to a question about their criminal history, with some exceptions, that they have not been convicted of that crime. What is actually stated on the record of the case is that the case was dismissed after conviction. If the petitioner is later convicted of the same crime again, then the expungement may be reversed.

The fist step to expunging your record is seeing if you are eligible.  Our free eligibility test can quickly and confidentially tell you if your are eligible for expungement or another form of record clearance.  If you don’t know exactly what is on your record, our recommended attorneys can help you figure that out. Our attorneys who specialize in expungement can provide fast results at affordable rates. They can also explain all of the benefits of expungement to you.

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Expungement Lawyers

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